Snake River Fishing

Snake River’s South Fork offers one of the best trout fishing spots in the United States. Anglers come here to dry fly fish for the native Yellowstone cutthroat. You can also find rainbow and brown trout in the river. Since the rainbow trout compete against the native cutthroat, anglers can catch an unlimited number of rainbow trout in Snake River. The river also contains an abundant population of carp that anglers often pursue using fly- or bow-fishing methods.

Anglers divide the Snake River into these major sections:

  • The stretch from Gem Lake to Firth High School is best in late fall, during the brown trout spawn. Drift and jet boats come out to catch trophy trout, fishing streamers and nymphs on 6 or 7 weight fly rods.
  • In the section from Firth High School to Rose Bridge, you can catch large browns on streamers in March, April, or the fall.
  • The stretch from Blackfoot to American Falls Reservoir has multiple species and has produced very large carp.
  • From Tilden to McTucker you’ll have a chance for spot-and-stalk fishing for some huge catches, some close to 30”. This fishery is accessible to jet boats.
  • From American Falls Dam to Massacre Rock State Park is one of the world’s best tailwater fisheries. During the summer months when flows are higher, fishermen use nymphs and streamers to catch trophy trout and smallmouths.

Snake River Fish:

Snake River boat ramps:

The following boat ramps provide access to Snake River.

American Falls Reservoir Boat Ramp
American Falls, ID