Delaware Bay at Woodland Beach Fishing

Another popular fishing location is Delaware Bay at Woodland Beach. Here you can fish for croaker, catfish, striped bass, bluefish, spot, white perch, dogfish, skates, rays, sharks, carp and even flounder. Try fishing the shoreline with top and bottom surf rigs. You can also head to the fishing pier, which like any structure, offers cover for a variety of fish. When fishing from the pier, use single hook rigs or top and bottom rigs with baits, such as bloodworms, minnows, squid and cut baits. And if you want to try something different, you can also go crabbing from the pier or shore.

In the early 1920s, Delaware Bay at Woodland Beach was the talk of the town with amusement rides and bandstands. Now, it is a quiet fishing hangout loved by locals. With a short hike up the coastline south of the old boat ramp, you can fish up to the 3rd gut. After that, the beach is private property, as are many areas around the parking lot and fishing pier.

Surf fishing is decent from spring through fall, and some anglers venture out in the water using the small boat ramp. Fishing spots vary whether you are at low or high tide. You can see the old pier and dock poles at low tide and wander further out into the waters. Check out the marsh creeks near the boat ramp during striped bass fishing season. A word of warning – the flies and gnats can be unbearable in the summer, so make sure you pack plenty of bug spray.

Delaware Bay at Woodland Beach Fish: