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Halibut Fishing Spots in Sitka, Alaska

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Sitka Alaska provides year round halibut fishing opportunities. However, most productive season to fish halibut in Sitka is late summer from July to August. Halibut catch rates improve from early spring throughout the summer months peaking in mid August and then tapering off again in September as halibut migrate toward deeper waters of the Gulf of Alaska.

Sitka isn’t as well known as Homer and Seward for monster fish, but catching a halibut in the 300 pound range is not uncommon. The 200+ pound halibut hanging from the wooden post in the picture below was taken August 18, 2017 in waters just off Sitka, Alaska.

giant halibut caught in sitka alaska

Typical halibut catches in Sitka waters range from 20 to 40 pounds, however, many anglers will come away with a 50 to 150 pound halibut after just a day of fishing. What Sitka may lack in poundage, it more than makes up for in numbers. Halibut catch rates in Sitka are relatively high compared to other fishing grounds. Halibut are abundant throughout the coves, sounds and inlets in the waters surrounding Sitka, Alaska.

Halibut Fishing Grounds

The following map provides the GPS coordinates for some of the most productive halibut fishing spots located within a boat ride of Sitka. Click on a map marker for location details.

The table below provides the name, location and coordinates for the halibut fishing spots identified the map above. To view the location in Google maps, click the “Directions” link in the location column.

Fish BayDistance from Sitka: 35 miles
Coordinates: 57.360134013965165, -135.49547647079618
Hayward StraitDistance from Sitka: 11 miles
Coordinates: 57.14972983875614, -135.55502125564504
Starrigavan BayDistance from Sitka: 6 miles
Coordinates: 57.13448489194338, -135.38206218818542
Crow IslandDistance from Sitka: 8 miles
Fish deeper water west of Crow Island
Coordinates: 57.10780346771624, -135.4956808323663
Inner PointDistance from Sitka: 8.5 miles
Coordinates: 57.087445792297046, -135.55979632443066
Kamenoi PointDistance from Sitka: 11.5 miles
Coordinates: 57.1370165264467, -135.5559017305133
Crab BayDistance from Sitka: 11 miles
Coordinates: 57.14093740496804, -135.56062264585717
Western ChannelDistance from Sitka: 3 miles
Coordinates: 57.04405636379449, -135.4009778151729
Sitka SoundDistance from Sitka: 5 miles
Coordinates: 56.99268102642189, -135.42839017099496
Vitskari IslandDistance from Sitka: 8.5 miles
Coordinates: 56.99037725234943, -135.54878567893152
St Lazaria IslandDistance from Sitka: 14 miles
Coordinates: 56.97802545739065, -135.67823945935535
St Lazaria IslandDistance from Sitka: 15 miles
Coordinates: 56.97383601493832, -135.70700335750365
Point MaryDistance from Sitka: 36 miles
Coordinates: 57.16581169221178, -135.84666527259327
Mount PointDistance from Sitka: 10 miles
Coordinates: 57.11591835803476, -135.56245845910445
Sitka SoundDistance from Sitka: 10 miles
Coordinates: 57.043977892163745, -135.5797904591074
Lisianski PointDistance from Sitka: 12 miles
Coordinates: 57.14098640490503, -135.39391854375782
Olga StraitDistance from Sitka: 12 miles
Coordinates: 57.185742078247586, -135.4600670860831
Krest PointDistance from Sitka: 11 miles
Coordinates: 57.13980480115307, -135.5010138149214
Harbor PointDistance from Sitka: 8 miles
Coordinates: 57.12826462171685, -135.39409591677676
Golf IslandDistance from Sitka: 30 miles
Coordinates: 56.7721955953046, -135.41213671308157
Olga StraitDistance from Sitka: 16 miles
Coordinates: 57.22372271998605, -135.51922691677285
Shelikof BayDistance from Sitka: 33 miles
Coordinates: 57.157459603984144, -135.80013699158442
Partof PointDistance from Sitka: 18 miles
Coordinates: 57.232241993010554, -135.55964210328173
South Necker IslandsDistance from Sitka: 19 miles
Coordinates: 56.80208397128903, -135.46862400144428
Biorka ReefDistance from Sitka: 14.5 miles
Coordinates: 56.89045274628899, -135.6151038351202
Cape EdgecumbeDistance from Sitka: 22 miles
Coordinates: 56.99974308486554, -135.88378227976386
Point AmeliaDistance from Sitka: 41 miles
Coordinates: 57.232617332920306, -135.89004746770007
Salisbury SoundDistance from Sitka: 30 miles
Coordinates: 57.3730862740526, -135.79112085043957

The best halibut fishing in Sitka is in the open water and can only be reached by boat. There are few locations where anglers can fish halibut from shore. Starrigavan Bay, Halibut Point Recreation Area and Crescent Bay all provide descent access where anglers can target halibut from shore. Of these three, Starrigavan Bay is best known for producing the occassional halibut catch.

Starrigavin Bay is roughly 8 miles north of Sitka at end of Halibut Point Road. The shoreline is accessed by passing through Starrigavin Campground. Halibut Point is also north of Sikta, but only about 4-1/2 miles up the road. Crescent Bay is just a stone throw from the Sheldon Jackson College Science Center. Most people park int the Center’s parking lot then walk to Crescent Bay.

Some of the most productive halibut fishing grounds near Sitka include Vitskari Rocks, Salisbury Sound, Fish Bay, Cape Edgecumbe, the waters west of Kruzof Island, Kakul Narrows, Sitka Sound and the waters of Sealion Island.

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