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Best Halibut Fishing Spots in Homer, Alaska

homer alaska halibut fishing capital of the world

Known as the Halibut Capital of the World, Homer, Alaska is the gateway to some of the best halibut fishing not only in Alaska, but anywhere in world. Homer is located on the southwest side of the Kenai Peninsula between Kachemak Bay and Cook Inlet. Halibut are plentiful in the coastal waters surrounding Homer stretching from Kachemak Bay to Homer Spit around Bluff Point to Anchor Point into Cook Inlet. While halibut are present in Kachemak Bay, they tend to be larger and more abundant as you move west toward Cook Inlet.

Even though Homer is the “Halibut Capital of the World,” it’s a little off the beatin path being a 5-hour car drive or hour flight from Anchorage. On the other hand, once at Homer anglers have direct access to some of the best halibut fishing waters. Where charters from Whittier and Seward take hours getting the best halibut fishing grounds, this time is cut in half for boats based in Homer.

For do-it-yourselfers, some of the most productive and easily accessible halibut fishings spots include the Bluffs (extending from Bluff Point northwest to Anchor Point), the Seldovia Bump (just north of the entrance to Seldovia Bay), Homer Spit, and waters east of Homer Spit in Kachemak Bay. For more experienced anglers and navigators, monster halibut can be found throughout the deeper waters of Cook Inlet and in the notorios “Compass Rose” halibut holes, 17 miles due west of Homer Spit. (Note: I always recommend hiring an experienced captain or charter company when fishing the waters around Homer — including Kachemak Bay. These waters can turn rough quickly.)

The following halibut fishing map provides the location and GPS coordinates for top halibut fishing holes and locations in the waters surrounding Homer, Alaska. Click on a map marker for location details.

The table below provides the name and description for each halibut fishing spot near Homer, Alaska. To view location information in Google maps, click the “Directions” link in the location column.

Homer SpitFish for halibut from shore at the end of The Homer Spit between the ferry and dock pilings and Land's End Resort
2 miles from Homer
Coordinates: 59.60215408040501, -151.41457558665053
Compass RoseOne of the most productive halibut fishing holes in Alaska. Marked with a compass rose on NOAA charts
17 miles west of Homer Spit
Coordinates: 59.621583761570875, -151.87123725589925
Anchor PointFish south toward Bluff Point
22 miles north west of Homer
Coordinates: 59.78784833322403, -151.88917604092336
The BluffsExtends from Bluff Point to Anchor Point
12 miles north west of Homer
Coordinates: 59.68472252562146, -151.78815335606046
Bluff PointFish north toward Anchor Point
7 miles west of Homer Spit
Coordinates: 59.672091929260624, -151.70592754803607
Seldovia BumpLocated in front of Seldovia Bay. Fish in 150 to 250 feet of water for great halibut fishing
15 miles south west of Homer
Coordinates: 59.47013897320933, -151.7493760333346
Kachemak BayWaters east of Homer Spit. Fish 50 to 200 feet near drop-offs, kelpbeds and pinnacles. Though halibut fishing is better toward Cook Inlet
Coordinates: 59.692633320742175, -151.2516250358524
Seldovia PointFish the waters north east of Seldovia Point
Coordinates: 59.49815498578776, -151.6896420015374
MacDonald SpitFish the waters north of MacDonald Spit
Coordinates: 59.50925906922855, -151.5975599944944
Bluff PointFish south of Bluff Point toward Bishops Beach
Coordinates: 59.63067505620066, -151.64859767879722

For those anglers who make the trip to Homer, they won’t be disappointed. Halibut caught in the waters off Homer can reach over 7 feet long and weigh in at over 300 pounds. Catches over 100 pounds are common. Since the halibut in Homer can be large, make sure your tackle is up to the task. A hefty rod with 80 to 100 pound test line is ideal. A minimum 2- to 3-pound weight is recommended to keep your bait on the bottom.

The preferred techniques for halibut fishing in Homer include jigging and bottom fishing. Most anglers will set anchor and fish from one location. However, drift fishing works well for covering more ground. Most halibut fishing spots are only accessible by boat. However, shore fishing from Home Spit is also possible. While catch rates from shore fishing are lower, every year anglers pull in halibut without ever setting a foot on a boat.

As with most halibut fishing in Alaska, herring is the preferred bait. However, squid, octopus and salmon are also effective. Halibut are found at depths 50 to 200 feet, although larger halibut are more common in deeper water. For best results, fish underwater structures, dropoffs, kelp beds and pinnacles.

The best time to fish halibut in Homer is May through September, but halibut can be fished nearly year round. Officially, halibut season is from February through December.

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