Red Lake Fishing

Red Lake is one of the largest inland fishing lakes in Minnesota. Boasting 288,800 acres, this is a popular fishing location for the locals despite the fact that much of the lake is restricted. There are two portions of Red Lake – the upper and lower basins. Because it isn’t open to the public, you can’t fish Lower Red Lake. Upper Red Lake is the only area that allows fishing, and 60% of it isn’t open to the public. This leaves approximately 48,000 acres of fishable water in Upper Red Lake – which is still quite a large area. Because it freezes quickly in the fall, Red Lake is a very popular early ice-fishing spot. You can find fish almost everywhere in the lake, but for the best fishing experience, head to the clearer, deeper portions. Your best choices for fishing lures include crankbaits, small jigs, rattle baits and spoons.

Red Lake Fish: