Kaena Point Fishing

In northwest Oahu, you’ll find a quiet park with expansive shorelines known as Kaena Point. Anglers frequent this spot for its plentiful deep-water fish, including giant trevally. Kaena Point is the ideal spot to bag an ulua (giant trevally) right from the shore. You’ll be hard pressed to find other areas in Oahu that offer the same prime shore-fishing as Kaena Point. Not too far off Kaena Point’s coast is a significant drop-off where underwater land gives way to the deep sea. It’s at this drop-off where you’ll find an abundance of the deep-water schooling fish popular in Hawaii. These fish travel between Oahu and Kauai with the drop-off. Due to the high probability of bagging prized, deep-water fish, Kaena Point is a prime spot to fish.

Kaena Point Fish:

Kaena Point boat ramps:

The following boat ramps provide access to Kaena Point.