Killens Pond Fishing

If you love to fish for bass, give Killens Pond a try. Known as one of the four best lakes in Delaware for bass fishing, you should be able to catch a three- to six-pounder using buzzbaits. If that doesn’t work or you don’t have buzzbaits, you can also try using black and blue jigs. And if you decide to fish near the lilipads, you’ll have an opportunity to try out your frog baits. Killens Pond also offers more than just bass. You can catch other species here, such as catfish, carp, perch, crappie, bluegills, sunfish and pickerel.

Killens Pond is near Dover and is the closest pond to the upper and lower Delaware River. There is a boat launch ramp in the parking lot and spaces to leave your vehicle and trailer. Boats are also available for rent. Cabins can also be rented for an overnight stay.

There are a few fishing spots of note at Killens Pond, including around the edge where the waters range from a few inches to 5 feet deep. The island in the pond’s center has grass and wood cover where fish like to hide. Lake depths are six feet on the channel side and three feet on the right side. Anglers succeed with clacker-type buzzbaits, 4-5 inch Senko’s, a 3/0 WG hook, and an 8-10 pound test line. Some anglers use jigs, but you need to be quiet and accurate to snag fish.

The best time to fish for bass is at night when the water is calm and cool. Use buzzbaits or prop baits along the leading channel edge.

Killens Pond Fish:

Killens Pond boat ramps:

The following boat ramps provide access to Killens Pond.

Killens Pond State Park Boat Ramp
Felton, DE