Truckee River Fishing

Originating at the outlet of Lake Tahoe, you’ll find a popular fishing destination called the Truckee River. This lake, which flows about 110 miles to Pyramid Lake, is managed by the Nevada Department of Wildlife. As many as 100,000 fishermen travel to this river each year, making it one of the most popular fishing locations in the state. The river is home to rainbow trout, brown trout, cutthroat trout, mountain whitefish, and largemouth bass. During the months of March and June, there is high runoff, which makes for difficult fishing. However, at other times of the year, the flow returns to normal. The best times to plan your fishing trip are in the late spring, early summer and in the fall. The fish respond well to nightcrawlers and PowerBait® – or to small spinners if you’re fly fishing.

Truckee River Fish:

Truckee River boat ramps:

The following boat ramps provide access to Truckee River.

Popcorn Beach Tribal Launch Boat Ramp
2500 Lakeview Drive Sutcliffe, NV (775) 476-1155