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Best Halibut Fishing Spots in Seward, Alaska

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Seward Alaska provides direct access to Resurrection Bay and many more of Alaska’s most productive halibut fishing grounds. What’s unique about Seward is that it offers anglers a large variety of coves, sounds, and narrows where monster halibut thrive — all within a relatively short boat trip from Seward Harbor. In Seward, giant halibut are quite literally only a rod cast a away.

Even though Seward doesn’t have quite the reputation as Homer for halibut fishing, given its easy access and proximity to Anchorage, many anglers consider Seward the best halibut fishing location in Alaska.

Using Seward Harbor as a launching point, fisherman can access productive halibut fishing grounds throughout Resurrection Bay and along the entire Kenai Peninsula. Some of the top fishing spots accessible from Seward include Lowell Point, Thumb Cove, Fox Island and Rugged Island, to name just a few. Serious anglers will often venture into Prince William Sound to target monster halibut — but most fisherman stay within the vecinity of Resurrection Bay.

The following Seward Alaska halibut fishing map provides the location and GPS coordinates for the top halibut fishing spots near Seward Alaska and throughout Resurrection Bay. Click on a map marker for location details.

The following table provides the name and coordinates for each of the halibut fishing spots in the map above. To view the location in Google maps click the “Directions” link in the Location column.

Lowell PointCan fish from shore but better success from boat
3 miles from Seward
Coordinates: 60.07072704098399, -149.43417900149865
Tonsina PointGood fishing at Tonsina Point but the water is a little shallow. For larger halibut fish deeper waters
4 miles from Seward
Coordinates: 60.04795669943266, -149.43960421274076
Derby CoveHalibut fishing is better toward the north bording Tonsina Point
5 miles from Seward
Coordinates: 60.032695045102784, -149.43869323328911
Thumb CoveHalibut fishing is descent but it tends to be overfish. An occassional halibut can be caught from shore
8 miles from Seward
Coordinates: 60.00816990203647, -149.31122416058287
Caine's HeadHalibut fishing is best in deeper water past 300 feet
9 miles from Seward
Coordinates: 59.98274817659934, -149.38455072846332
Fox IslandOccasional halibut is caught from shore
Sunny Cove on the south end is great for halibut fishing and setting anchor
12 miles from Seward
Coordinates: 59.91324430525854, -149.34946810405762
Calisto HeadHalibut fishing is best out to sea away from the boulders at the point
14.5 miles from Seward
Coordinates: 59.91921280655735, -149.46019931830034
Humpy CoveCan try your hand at halibut fishing by kayak here
10 miles from Seward
Coordinates: 59.971683596648546, -149.305299843397
El Dorado NarrowsDescent area for halibut fishing
13 miles from Seward
Coordinates: 59.91815488075037, -149.31132346727986
Hive IslandHalibut fishing is best between 250-300 feet around the island
16 miles from Seward
Coordinates: 59.885347145111346, -149.36572735147047
Rugged IslandHalibut fishing is best at Mary's Bay and along the shelf that runs from the entrance of Mary's bay to the northern peninsula
17 miles from Seward
Coordinates: 59.859761437985114, -149.3853412734718
Emerald Cove17.5 miles from Seward
Coordinates: 59.875654691572336, -149.2910833730132
Cape ResurrectionDescent halibut fishing
18 miles from Seward
Coordinates: 59.86612742536893, -149.29185554241116
Day Harbor28 miles from Seward
Coordinates: 60.008373775880706, -149.11844901063031
Agnes Cove24 miles from Seward
Coordinates: 59.778848028228005, -149.57925419956257
Cheval NarrowsRocky bottom so watch your tackle
25 miles from Seward
Coordinates: 59.77299334533292, -149.52551488410558
Pony CoveDescent halibut fishing and great anchorage location. Tends to get relatively crowded
27 miles from Seward
Coordinates: 59.750294539079306, -149.55510375013588
Pilot Rock28 miles from Seward
Coordinates: 59.74216334227661, -149.467331
Aialik CapeHalibut fishing is best off sandy beach areas
30 miles from Seward
Coordinates: 59.707999828684265, -149.52264684510737
Aialik BayHalibut fishing is best in deeper waters off sandy beach areas
34 miles from Seward
Coordinates: 59.768996262129, -149.70884531151393
Chat CoveHalibut fishing gets better as you move south into deeper waters towards Chat Island
33 miles from Seward
Coordinates: 59.72398380796152, -149.55597914275373
Cliff BayOne of the deeper bays in the area (400'). Fishing is easier as you move into shallower waters in the bay
34 miles from Seward
Coordinates: 59.73080898559607, -149.5920488427186
Three Hole BayHalibut fishing is best at the north end of the bay where there are sandy bottoms
37 miles from Seward
Coordinates: 59.76406958071863, -149.62735471534214
Paradise CoveFish the southern end of the cove where the bottom is clay and gravel
39 miles from Seward
Coordinates: 59.75723446050227, -149.59172383219604
Bear CoveGreat place to anchor and fish for a while. 40 miles from Seward
Coordinates: 59.79211863624994, -149.63676925397363

Resurrection Bay is by far the most popular fishing location for anglers launching from Seward Harbor. Many anglers have pulled in catches from Resurrection bay weighing in over 350 lbs. However, most halibut caught in Resurrection bay weigh in between 20 and 35 lbs. For larger halibut, most anglers will move south east toward the Gulf of Alaska where waters are deeper.

Since the waters surrounding Seward Harbor and Resurrection Bay are typically calmer with less tide fluctuation and current than other fishing grounds, lighter weights and tackle can be used when fishing these waters for halibut. Where 4- to 5-lb sinkers are required to get bait on the bottom in open Alaska waters, a 2- to 3-lb weight in Resurrection Bay is usually sufficient.

The slower current in Seward and surrounding waters also allows anglers to use jigs to target large halibut. Jigging is an effective fishing method for targeting halibut in and around Seward.

For the adventurous angler, Seward is a top destination for halibut fishing from kayak. Seward has several beaches, coves, and inlets that are ideal for targeting halibut from kayak. With kayaks specially rigged for halibut fishing, anglers can target halibut from various locations in Resurrection Bay safely and effectively.

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