Eleven Point River Fishing

You can fish for both cold- and warm-water fish at Eleven Point River. With many different water sources feeding into the river, you’ll find different fish depending on which part of the river you visit. The upper part of the river stretches from Thomasville to the Greer Spring Branch. This area is great for catching smallmouth bass, longear sunfish, bluegill, goggle-eye (rock bass), suckers, and largemouth bass. It’s warmer in this part of the river and the flow dies down a bit in the summer. In the section of the river where Greer Spring Branch enters the river, you’ll find a different fishing environment. This area has more than double the water volume and provides the perfect environment for rainbow trout. If you head to the five and a half miles of river between the Greer Spring Brand and Turner Mill South Access, you’ll find a Blue Ribbon trout area. And from the section of the river that runs from Greer to the Arkansas State line, you can fish for smallmouth bass, goggle-eye, suckers, longear sunfish, chain pickerel (pike), and walleye.

Eleven Point River Fish:

Eleven Point River boat ramps:

The following boat ramps provide access to Eleven Point River.

Myrtle Access Boat Ramp

Eleven Point River, Thomasville Access Boat Ramp
Birch Tree Birch Tree, MO