White River Fishing

White River is the centerpiece of Bull Shoals-White River State Park and has excellent trout fishing. Record-setting specimens are frequently landed by anglers throughout the 90 miles of river downstream from the Bull Shoals Dam. The river is stocked yearly by the AGFC Commission with up to 1.5 million rainbow trout, plus brown trout, cutthroat trout, brown trout, and brook trout.

Successful fishing on the White River involves doing some homework. Check the water levels and when the water is released from Bull Shoals Dam. This, coupled with the weather conditions, can change the water temperatures and how fish behave. Choosing bait based on these conditions can make all the difference.

The second trick is to understand where fish like to hide. When the river flows quickly, trout seek shelter near the bank edges or small pools. There they can rest and wait for food to float by. On warmer days, trout are found in deeper pools where they can cool down.

Rigs, baits, and lures will also vary depending on your location on the river, the season, and the conditions of the river. Be prepared to study the river and adapt your techniques.

Finally, check the state rules and regulations for White River. You need a fishing license and a trout permit. Certain areas are catch and release depending on the season, some locations restrict bait and tackle, and some allow you to keep certain trout species over a specific length.

White River Fish:

White River boat ramps:

The following boat ramps provide access to White River.

Jim Griffin Boat Ramp
Lakeview, AR 72642, United States

John Eastwold Boat Ramp

Lakeview Marina Boat Ramp
707 Boat Dock Road Lakeview, AR 8704315291

Red’s Landing Access Boat Ramp

Forrest & Nina Wood Rivercliff Boat Ramp

Bull Shoals Access Boat Ramp

Gaston’s Resort Access Boat Ramp