Lake Ross Barnett Fishing

The large bluegill and redear sunfish in Lake Ross Barnett make it a popular fishing destination. You can find other game fish here too, including largemouth and spotted bass. The largemouth bass roam the entire lake, but if you’re looking for the spotted bass, you’ll need to head to Low Head Dam, north of Highway 43. The main spawning periods here are late winter (February) and early spring (March). During these times, the bass will move toward the shallow areas as they prepare to spawn. This is also the time when you’re more likely to catch the larger fish. In the winter, use something that moves slowly – like a jig and plastic trailer. In the spring, buzzbait works well, and during the summer months, opt for swimming plastic lizards or spinnerbaits.

Lake Ross Barnett Fish:

Lake Ross Barnett boat ramps:

The following boat ramps provide access to Lake Ross Barnett.

Lake Prentiss Walker Boat Ramp