Silver Creek Fishing

Silver Creek is one of the world’s best fly-fishing streams. International anglers come to test their skills, take advantage of the perfectly timed hatches, and experience world-class dry flying. The stream is special because it offers extremely beautiful scenery and plenty of trout. You get the best of many worlds here with fly fishing, large native fish, pristine waters, gorgeous scenery, and hatches of amazing aquatic insects.

An abundance of insects in Silver Creek provides trout a large food supply. Consquently, Silver Creek trout tend to be large. Fishing using flys that resemble local insect species is key to catching trout on Silver Creek. Local insect species include brown drakes, baetis, callibaetis, and PMDs. Since Silver Creek has a strong aquatic-insect ecosystem, anglers are likely to catch fish whenever they visit. Even fishing Silver Creek during the winter is productive. Winter is an especially good time for anglers seeking privacy on the creek.

Nymphing is a popular technique for catching trout in Silver Creek. When nymphing, most anglers use dry-flies. When fishing Silver Creek anglers must be stealthy, steady, and patient in order to make a catch.

The river is closed between the first of April and Memorial Day. The Nature Conservancy stretch of the Silver Creek is closed from the first of December through Memorial Day. Silver Creek is always updating its regulations to protect its ecosystem, so be sure to check current regulations before visiting. Silver Creek is divided into several sections, and often flows through private property. Silver Creek Conservancy (upstream of Picabo, above Highway 20) and Point of Rocks are the two main public-access points.

Silver Creek Fish:

Silver Creek boat ramps:

The following boat ramps provide access to Silver Creek.

Silver Crk Supply Boat Ramp
18918 US HWY 20 Picabo, ID 208-788-3536