Bear Canyon Lake Fishing

Designed as a manmade fishing location, Bear Canyon Lake was built by the Arizona Game and Fish Department. While it may not offer many amenities and is located several miles off a dirt road, serious anglers still consider it a great fishing spot. Here you’ll find people both fly and bottom fishing, as they try to catch one of the many rainbow trout stocked here six times a year.

Bear Canyon Lake is situated at 7,500 feet above sea level and is 60 acres of pristine mountain waters. Once you reach the parking lot, you will need to hike a one-quarter mile path to get to the water’s edge. This hike deters many anglers, and as a result, this is a less-crowded fishing destination.

Walk along the water’s edge and find steep banks with secluded spots that are great for casting. The deep waters provide room for the rainbow trout to nestle under the snow and ice of the winters. As a result, catches up to 16 inches are possible. The average 10-12-inch trout are not bad either. Many use casting spinners and Power Bait, and the best times to fish are sunrise and sunset when the trout are hungry.

Kayaking and boats with electric motors are allowed on the lake and electric motors, but make sure you have the stamina to get your boat to and from your vehicle. If you paddle out to the middle, you have a good chance of catching the trout that stick to those deeper waters.

Bear Canyon Lake Fish: