Witch Flounder

Witch flounders are bottom-dwelling flatfish found in the northwest and northeast portions of the Atlantic Ocean. Because they sit on the sea floor, bottom fishing works the best for catching Witch Flounder, though they can also be caught by drift fishing and still fishing. Look for these fish near ledges and deep holes.

Witch Flounder

Region: Northeast
Habitat: Ocean

How to identify Witch Flounder

Witch flounders are right-eyed flatfish with small heads and mouths that extend to the front of their bottom eyes. Their bodies are slender and blanketed in smooth scales. The Witch flounder’s underside is white with tiny dark markings, while the top side is gray/brown. They have dark pectoral fins that have a light margin at the base.

Where to catch Witch Flounder

These fish are present in the northwest and northeast Atlantic. Along the northeast Canadian and U.S. Atlantic regions, Witch Flounder range from North Carolina up to Newfoundland/Labrador and to the Grand Banks, Scotian Shelf, Gulf of Maine, and the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Witch Flounders prefer deep channels, holes, and upper slopes of continental shelves with sandy or mud bottoms. They are typically caught at depths between 150 and 1000 feet.

Range: Northeast
Witch Flounder Fishing Map

The following are habitats where you can catch Witch Flounder:

How to catch Witch Flounder

Since Witch Flounder typically stay close the bottom, anglers should employ bottom-fishing techniques to catch them. Other methods that can prove to be effective include drift fishing and still fishing. Anglers typically use baited bottom rigs. These fish also love sitting on ledges, so this can be a good place to look for them. Bottom bumping with baited rigs is a method that works especially well. Witch Flounder respond best when the baited lure is constantly moving, making it look like live bait. Look for Winter Flounder near structures, such as pilings and jetties and near shelving.

The following are effective fishing methods and techniques for catching Witch Flounder:

Best Lures, Bait & Tackle to catch Witch Flounder

Most anglers target Witch flounder using bottom rigs or jigs baited with pieces cut bait, strips of squid or bloodworms. The following are fishing lures and bait that can be used to catch Witch Flounder: