Spottail Pinfish

Spottail pinfish are considered by many anglers to be a “pest fish.” They live in the Atlantic Ocean and can be found In the U.S. from Florida to Virginia and in the Gulf of Mexico. These fish respond best to bait. The best methods for catching these fish are bottom bouncing, bottom fishing, drift fishing, and still fishing.

Spottail Pinfish

Region: Northeast, South
Habitat: Ocean, Coastal Waters

How to identify Spottail Pinfish

Spottail pinfish have gray coloring on their bodies and a prominent black marking on the end of their caudal peduncle. Although they are similar to their genus relatives, they have vertical markings that their relatives lack.

Where to catch Spottail Pinfish

These fish are only found in the western Atlantic from the northern Gulf of Mexico and Florida up to the Chesapeake Bay. They tend to stick close to bays, bridges, rocks, and pilings. They are not present in the West Indies.

Range: Northeast, South
Spottail Pinfish Fishing Map

The following are habitats where you can catch Spottail Pinfish:

How to catch Spottail Pinfish

Some consider the ocean-going spottail pinfish to be a tasty panfish. These fish can be caught using light spinning tackle and tiny hooks baited with very small pieces of fish or crustaceans. The best methods to use for catching them include bottom bouncing, bottom fishing, drift fishing, and still fishing. Look for them near structures, such as pier pilings, rocks, or bridges. Most anglers consider them to be a “pest fish” and often catch them when targeting other types of fish.

The following are effective fishing methods and techniques for catching Spottail Pinfish:

Best Lures, Bait & Tackle to catch Spottail Pinfish

Bait works well for catching spottail pinfish, especially shrimp, squid, clams, and bloodworms.

The following are fishing lures, bait and tackle that can be used to catch Spottail Pinfish: