California Corbina

The California Corbina, also known as Corbina, Whiting or King Fish, is a type of Croaker. It is a prize catch and tasty table far that is found in the shallow water just off the California shoreline. The best technique for catching California Corbina is a combination of sight and surf fishing using sand crabs, clams, mussels, or blood worms as bait.

California Corbina

Region: West
Habitat: Ocean, Bay, Coastal Waters

How to identify California Corbina

The body of the Caliborna Corbina is much longer and narrower compared to other species of Croakers. It has an elongated head with a snout that protrudes outward from a small mouth. The sides of the Corbina are muted gray/blue, while the back is silvery and the underbelly while. Some Corbina may have wavy diagonal markings along their sides. California Corbina have a single blunt, stiff barbel on their chin. The head of the Corbina is longer and more triangular than other species of Croaker.

Where to catch California Corbina

California Corbina are found along the East Pacific coast the Gulf of California (Point Conception) as far south as Peru. Its habitat includes outer-coast sandy shores and bays. The Corbina spends much of its time feeding and hunting in ultra-shallow waters just offshore.

Range: West
California Corbina Fishing Map

The following are habitats where you can catch California Corbina:

How to catch California Corbina

Anglers who fish close to shorelines or surf waters can catch these fish year-round, with the peak season being July through October. Surf anglers will attest to how challenging it can be to hook these fish because of their skittish nature. California Corbina don’t strike hard as most fish do but instead nibble at a bait before inhaling it. The most effective method for catching California Corbina is surf fishing by sight. First spot the Corbina swimming in the shallows then cast your bait directly in its pathway.

The following are effective fishing methods and techniques for catching California Corbina:

Best Lures, Bait & Tackle to catch California Corbina

The most effective baits for catching California Corbina include mussels, pileworms, ghost shrimp, clams, mussel meat, as well as sand crabs This fish has been caught by anglers on drifting boats (local to shorelines,) spinning-reel, and surf-fishing from shore.