Fishing Saltwater Breakers

A breaker is the area where the ocean waves break, creating a dip in the sand by the shore. Bait fish like to gather in this dip, looking for food. And where there are bait fish, there are usually big fish that are also looking for a meal. This means breakers can be great places to catch fish; however, fish don’t generally stay in these locations for very long.

Fishing Safely Near Breakers

The rough waters in areas where the waves are breaking can be great locations for catching game fish, such as redfish, striped bass, calico bass, roosterfish and tarpon. But be aware that these areas can also be dangerous for fishermen. Here are six tips to help you stay safe when fishing near breakers:

  1. When in doubt, stay out
  2. Plan your exit
  3. Keep your motor running
  4. Stick together
  5. Talk to your crew
  6. Wear a life vest