Fishing With Seabirds

If you want to know where to find fish, keep your eye out for seabirds. Since birds depend on fish to live, you can bet they’ll know where to go to find them. Birds have great eyesight and can fly above the water, which gives them an advantage when it comes to finding fish.

If you see a bunch of birds circling around a location, you can be fairly certain there are baitfish in the waters below. Where there are baitfish, there are usually larger fish, like striped bass, looking for a meal of their own. So, if you want to find sportfish, simply watch to see where the birds are gathering.

Even if birds aren’t in the middle of feeding, they can still help you find fish. Look for a group of birds sitting around in the water or on the shore. Just because they aren’t actively eating, doesn’t mean there are no fish. They may be taking a break after a big meal. Generally, birds gather in an area for a reason – and that reason is usually fish. If nothing else, it’s worth trying to cast into the nearby waters to see if you get any bites.