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Lake nameWhy it's among the best
Lake of the WoodsLargest fresh water lake in the U.S. with trophy size Walleye, Sauger and Northern Pike. From time to time you'll hook perch, crappie and whitefish. Ice fishing reaches it's peak in January.
Upper Red LakeIs the largest inland lake in Minnesota. Freezes over early. Popular lakes for early season ice anglers. Offers a variey of services and amenties including equipment rentals, lodges and ices fishing guides.
Mille Lacs LakeKnown for superb walleye, pike and panfish fishing. Season runs from December to April. Various fishing techniques including single line, spearing and darkhouse fishing are popular on Mille Lacs Lake.
Lake MinnetonkaLake Minnetonka offers the annual ''Take A Kid Ice Fishing Weekend'' where adults can fish free as long as they bring their kids. Anglers will find fully equipped modern amenties including gear rentals, lodging and guides.
Lake WinnibigoshishOffers some of the best fishing in the Upper Midwest for jumbo perch. Walleye and pike fishing is also excellent. Offers 6 fish walleye limits. Centrally located to other top fishing lakes that are near by.
Gull LakeOffers an abundance of walleye, northern pike bass, trout and panfish. One of most reliable hardwater fisheries. Gull Lake offers resources for fishing gear, lodging, ice house rentals, and fishing guides.
Boulder Lake ReservoirLocated closet to Duluth. Provides ample public access and is a favorite ice fishery among locals. Walleye are abundant. Fishing for northern pike, perch, crappie and other panfish is strong.
Fish LakeOffers some of the best hardwater fishing for walleye and panfish. Panfish are above average size. Pike and bass are also popular catches. Freeze over happens before December in most years.
Caribou LakeNot as popular as other top fishing lakes, but offers low fishing pressure. The lakes unique shape and layout provide for different fishing experience. Anglers come here for the scenery and solitude.
St Louis Bay (Lake Superior)Within walking distance of Duluth. Offers a large variety of fishing opportunities from walleye to pike to panfish. Fish are average size but abundant most years.
Leech LakeLarge lake with endless fishing spots and opportunities for everything from trophy pike to jumbo perch and walleye. Home of the annual International Eelpout Festival with fish contests and prizes.
Lake VermilionExcellent perch, crappie, bluegill and walleye fishing. Best know for abundant populations of walleye. You'll find trophy bass, pike, muskie perch and walleye. Offers over 360 islands to fish.
Lake PhalenOffers good hardwater fishing with low fishing pressure most of the time. Pike and largemouth bass are abundant and large. Provides easy access. Fish for pike, bass, walleye, panfish and sunfish.
Lake PepinOffers excellent ice fishing near incredible amenties. Spend the day fishing and the evening shopping in town or chowing down at some incredible eateries. If you're looking for fishing with comfort, this is the lake.
Lake BemidjiPopular destination for walleye, perch, bass, and crappie. Draws in anglers from across the nation. Many anglers come to experience the tourist city of Bemidji while fishing. Has a cozy village feel.
Rainy LakeKnown for superb fishing for lunker walleye, pike and panfish. Offers an extended ice fishing season through the end of April beginning of May. Fishing gear, ice house and snowmobile rentals are available.
Zippel BayGreat destination for hooking lunker walleye, northern pike and sauger. Offers reliable hardwater fishing throughout the winter season. Offers very comfortable accomodations and cabins right on the bay.
Oak LakeIs a great stopover location for ice fishing on the way to Minnesota's northern fishing grounds. A variety of lodging facilities are available. Abundance of walleye, nothern pike, perch and panfish.
Lake ElmoExcellent perch and pike fishing with the opportunity to land tiger muskie, largemouth bass, trout, crappie and panfish. Very popular designation given its proximity to St Paul Minnesota.
Big Stone LakeKnown for superb early ice fishing. Great water clarity which allows for some fun times ice fishing by site. Abundant populations of perch, bluegill and panfish. You'll also find walleye, pike, bass and crappie.
Lake KabetogamaLake Kabetogama is located in the Voyageurs National Park. It offers excellent fishing with low fishing pressure. It provide a unique fishing experience that is almost spiritual in nature.

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