Upstream Casting Using Spinners and Flies

Upstream casting is an effective fishing method to use if you want to try to catch the various river dwelling game fish species.

Upstream Casting Using Spinners

To create a natural-looking presentation for river fish, cast upstream using in-line spinners, then reel downstream. This works well for rainbow or brown trout because it mimics the way their natural prey flows downstream.

Upstream Casting Using Flies

If you prefer to try fly fishing, start by casting upstream. You can either wade into the river or stand on the bank near the end of the run, then cast your fly upstream and let it drift along with the current as you mend your line.

Upstream casting is the easiest way to dead drift a dry fly because it puts you behind the fish you’re trying to catch. Because you’ll be in the fish’s “blind spot,” you can sneak up and get close to it.

To land the perfect cast, get your fly to fall just upstream from where the fish are sitting. As the line and fly float towards you, take your rod hand and place the line under your index finger, then with your other hand, remove slack from your system by stripping in the line.

Since the water is moving towards you, the only thing you need to worry about is getting your fly upstream in the path of the fish. The water will do all the work without you having to do any fancy casting or mending.