Fishing With a Spincaster

A spincast reel, sometimes called a “spincaster”, is the simplest type of fishing reel to use. They’re also inexpensive compared to spinning reals and baitcasters. They are truly the best budget and user-friendly fishing option for children and beginning anglers.

Spincast reels have a metal or plastic nose cone that covers the reel. On the back, spincast reels have a thumb button that allows the angler to toggle the line between locked and free-spool. They also have a drag system for adjusting how much resistance a fish feels when reeling it in.

How to Use Spincaster

Using a spincast reel couldn’t be easier. Just press and hold the thumb button. Then swing the rod in the direction you want to cast and release the button. It’s really that easy. The weight of the lure and momentum from the cast will carry the line in the direction the rod is pointed and to your target fishing spot. To stop your line from releasing from the reel, just press the thumb button again to lock the line in place.

Spincaster Pros and Cons

Spincasters are idea for children and beginning anglers, but they have several drawbacks as well.

  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Very easy to use
  • No backlash of fishing line
  • Ideal for lightweight line and lures
  • Easy to cast from shore or under hanging limbs
  • East to switch left and right-hand orientations
  • Ideal of in shore fishing
  • Not as strong or durable as spinning reels or baitcasters
  • Line can tangled inside of the cover
  • Less drag capability than other reel systems
  • Difficult to control casting distance
  • Low line capacity
  • Does not last more than a few years