How to Use a Bottom Bouncer

A bottom bouncer is a piece of gear that is attached to the end of a fishing line. It is made up of an inverted “L” shaped wire attached to a weight and a safety-pin like clip called a snap swivel. As the name suggests, it is designed to fish slowly while keeping contact with the bottom of the water. It proves useful in attracting fish, no matter the time or season. Drifting or trolling boats are frequently used for bottom bouncing.

Common bottom bouncers are 1, 2, and 3 ounce models. The depth to which the lure will fall depends on the weight of the bottom bouncer. A one-ounce model will fish down to approximately 15 feet of water and a two-ounce model to around 15 to 25 feet. A three-ounce model, however, is used only when fishing in waters that are 25 to 40 feet deep.

Bottom bouncing is an effective method to attract fish and get them to strike (start feeding). Another advantage to using bottom bouncers is that it is an excellent way to locate fish even if you are fishing in unknown waters.

Bottom bouncing is usually done from a trolling boat at almost all times of the day. However, bottom bouncing can be done from the shore as well. When you drag, the bait will bounce, raising puffs of mud or sand.

It also comes in handy if you know how to make a bouncer rig. This helps keep the bait or lure in the right position.

Steps to Use a Bottom Bouncer

  1. Use a natural bait and drag it along the bottom.
  2. Drag it so as to cause it to bounce, causing small clouds of mud or sand.
  3. Drop the anchor into the water after a few strikes of bottom bouncing.
  4. You may also apply any other methods that you think are suitable to attract the kind of species you desire.
  5. Keep checking the bait for any kind of weed, debris, etc. that may be caught while dragging along the bottom.

The coolest thing about a bottom bouncer and a spinner rig is that it is easy to master whether you are a young or old angler.