Whiterock Bass

The whiterock bass is a hybrid species produced by a female striped bass and a male white bass. They make excellent table fare. Due to their large size, they are prize catch for anglers. Effective methods for catching Whiterock bass are trolling using live bait or lures, and bait casting.

Whiterock Bass

Region: Northeast, South
Habitat: Lake, Pond, Creek

How to identify Whiterock Bass

Whiterock bass are often called a “hybrid Bass” because they look similar to a Striped Bass but much stockier. Certain features set the Whiterock bass apart from both parental species, such as its stocky/short body and inconsistent markings on the flanks. Whiterock bass are a popular game fish among anglers due to their larger size.

Where to catch Whiterock Bass

Larger Whiterocks are predatory, searching for straying fish in deep water. In fact, Whiterock bass dominate over fish the compete for food in the same area. Whiterock bass are stocked in lakes and waterways throughout the U.S., but mainly in states east of the Mississippi River. They can be found along the shorelines of lakes, ponds and waterways, river channels, sudden drop offs and other areas at depths between 10 and 16 feet.

Range: Northeast, South
Whiterock Bass Fishing Map

The following are habitats where you can catch Whiterock Bass:

How to catch Whiterock Bass

Whiterocks are feisty once hooked, and anglers using light spinning and bait-casting tackle claim these fish put up a fight. Whiterock bass can be caught bait casting or trolling. When bait casting use light to medium spinning and bait-casting tackle with small plastic jigs or small silver spoons. Trolling using a crank bait, live bait (crayfish, shad, fathead minnow, worms), spoon or spinner tends to be more effective for catching Whiterock bass than bait casting alone.

The following are effective fishing methods and techniques for catching Whiterock Bass:

Best Lures, Bait & Tackle to catch Whiterock Bass

Natural baits and large Minnows work best for catching Whiterock bass. Lures are not as effective for catching Whiterock bass as they are for other bass species, but Whiterock bass will still take certain lures. The most effective lures are propeller lures that work the surface or that imitate wounded bait fish. Whiterock bass will also take spoons, jigs, and shad-like plugs.

The following are fishing lures, bait and tackle that can be used to catch Whiterock Bass: