Dams and Falls

dams and falls for fishing

The water that comes over a dam or falls creates a ditch in the bottom of the stream. This is the perfect place for fish to sit and wait for food to come to them. The falls make a “bubble curtain” that the smaller fish can hide inside to try to escape bigger fish. The falls also make it hard for fish to move upstream, which can mean a larger concentration of fish. For all of these reasons, dams and falls can be great places to catch fish.

Dams are great fishing locations because the water around them tends to be deep and contains rocks and other great hiding places for crayfish and baitfish. Fish also go to these areas to lay eggs or hang out after swimming upstream, which means you can usually find a lot of fish in the tailwaters. When fishing in dams, some good bait choices are as follows:

  • Crankbaits
  • Jig head and soft plastic
  • Live bait
  • Large swimbaits
  • Topwater lures

Waterfalls provide great fishing because food that the fish like to eat, such as crustaceans, insects, small fish, frogs, and lizards, are always being pushed over the falls. This provides a constant feast for the big fish, making it the perfect place for them to hang out until they get their fill.