Provo River Fly Hatch Chart

When flies hatch on the Provo River trout come up to feed. Knowing when each hatch occurs will allow you to time your fishing trip to when trout are feeding and match your flies to the local hatch. Matching the hatch on the Provo River will greatly improve your catch rate and fishing experience.

provo river hatch chart

Provo River Hatch Chart

The following hatch chart includes the major fly hatches occurring along the Lower, Middle and Upper Provo river—although most of these hatches occur upstream from the mouth of Provo Canyon. The hatch dates listed will vary based on annual water flows and weather conditions.

Fly HatchSizeDate
Midges (various)20 - 28Jan 1 - Dec 31
Blue Winged Olive16 - 2016 - 18 Spring; 22 - 24 Fall
Olive Stonefly10 - 12May 1 - June 15
Golden Stonefly8 - 10May 1 - June 30
Yellow Sallie12 - 14May 15 - June 30
Pale Morning Dun14 - 18June 1 - Sept 15
Western Green Drake10 - 12June 1 - July 31
Terrestrials (various)6 - 18June 1 - Oct 15
Caddis12 - 14May 1 - Oct 31

Hatches and Fly Patterns

The following hatches and fly patterns are the most common for provo river fly fishing


Buffalo midges are the largest flies on the Provo River. They’re black, about size 18, and found primarily along the upper stretch of the Middle Provo. Hatches are typically mid day. Trout tend to hit the midges that are just hatching still with the shuck attached. Mother shucker flies tha mimic hatching midges are effective.

Blue Winged Olive

Blue Winged Olive (BWO) mayfly hatches start appearing around the end of March beginning of April. They’re grey and have two tails. They hatch throughout the day with larger hatches just after noon. They hatch in the Spring and Fall. Fall BWO hatches produce smaller flys (#22-#24). Avoid BWO fly patterns that are bulky or over hackled.

Olive and Golden Stoneflies

Stonefly hatches are found along the Middle Provo river just below Jordanelle Reservoir. There are numerous fly and nymph patterns that effectively imitate a stonefly. The pattern you use should capture the correct size and color of of the stonefly hatch you’re fishing. Stonefly patterns will often work before and after hatches occur.

Yellow Sally

Yellow Sally nymph patterns in a 12-16 fly size fished in the mornings during hatch season are effective for getting trout to strike. Yellow Sally patterns also work well for dry fly fishing.

Pale Morning Dun

Pale Morning Dun (PMD) is a mayfly species that is common in many Utah river including the Provo. For PMD getting the right size and silhouette of the stage of development you’re fishing. Show the preferred silhouette will get you more strikes.

Western Green Drake

Green Drake are one of the largest mayflies on the Provo River. They’re ideal for targeting larger trout and getting them to the surface. You’ll catch rainbows, brown and brook trout with Green Drake fly patterns.