Jennings Randolph Lake Fishing

Most anglers come to fish Jennings Randolph Lake in hopes of landing a trophy-sized walleye. This 952-acre lake has been consistently stocked with walleye since 1983. The walleye can get as big as 31 inches long; however, finding them can prove challenging. Although the walleye populations isn’t as abundant as other lake, Jennings Rudolph is known for producing the biggest walleyes in West Virginia.

A Maryland state record Walleye was netted in Jennings Randolph Lake in 1998 measuring over 34 inches and weighing a whopping 14 pounds (Source: By Maryland standards, that’s a big fish!

If you’re interested in trying your hand at some good trout fishing, you’ll find trophy-size browns, brookies and cutthroats just a stone’s throw north of Jennings Randolph in the Upper Potomac—Barnum river. If you’re planning a fishing trip to Jennings Randolph you may want to wet your line in the Potomac as well. You’ll also find some lunker trout in the stilling basin just below the dam.

Anglers report a lot of success fishing the feeder streams and tributaries that empty into Jennings Lake. Also the WV end of the lake has some nice bass fishing, especially if you like netting large rock bass.

Fish Species

The main catches in Jennings Randolph are walleye and smallmouth bass. However, the lake is home to abundant trout, bluegill and catfish, as well as few sunfish, stripers and saugeye.

Jennings Randolph Lake Boat Ramps

The following boat ramps provide access to Jennings Randolph Lake.

Howell Run Boat Ramp
Elk Garden, WV 26717