Windmill Point Fishing

Some of Virginia’s best fishing is found at Windmill Point, where its shores meet the Chesapeake Bay. This area is known for its stripers. You can find flounder at the drop-offs of Windmill Point in the warmer months. To catch flounder, anglers use Fluke Killers baited with minnows while drifting or using a Gulp while jigging. You’ll have the best luck with croakers and spots by bottom fishing. When it comes to mega catches, cobia is near the top of the list. To score some serious cobia, try anchoring off the point in waters that are 20-30 feet deep and bottom-chumming with live eel and chunks of bunker. Regardless of which species you target, you’ll find very promising fishing at Windmill Point.

Windmill Point Fish:

Windmill Point boat ramps:

The following boat ramps provide access to Windmill Point.

Windmill Point Resort and Yacht Harbor Boat Ramp
Windjammer Ln White Stone, VA 8044351166