Fort Loudoun Lake Fishing

When it comes to excellent bass fishing, Fort Loudoun Lake is the place to go. Known for its thriving population of largemouth smallmouth and white bass, this lake is also a great place to catch bluegill, sunfish, crappie, and catfish. You’ll find dozens of boat ramps around this 14,500-acre lake. Many people fish from power boats, but the fishing along the 360 miles of shoreline is also good. Since most of the lake is surrounded by private homes, finding a public fishing spot can be tricky. There are several public docks that offer plenty of brush in which crappie and bass like to hide. And if you’re exploring the lake by boat, you’ll find plenty of ledges, channels and humps that provide great gathering spots for large schools of fish.

Fort Loudoun Lake Fish:

Fort Loudoun Lake boat ramps:

The following boat ramps provide access to Fort Loudoun Lake.

M625 Boat Ramp
3201-3299 Cox Rd Louisville, TN

Lowes Boat Ramp
3201-3299 Weatherspoon Rd Louisville, TN

Poland Boat Ramp
Poland Creek Acc Louisville, TN

Concords Boat Ramp
10920 S Northshore Dr Knoxville, TN

Ccowan Boat Ramp
10100 Grande Shores Way Knoxville, TN

LVille Boat Ramp
Louisville Rd Louisville, TN

Yacht Boat Ramp
2325-2505 Lakefront Dr Knoxville, TN

George Boat Ramp
2300-2344 Topside Rd Louisville, TN

BTClub Boat Ramp
2325 Dawns Pass Knoxville, TN

Singleton Boat Ramp
4801-4999 Tva Lab Rd Louisville, TN

Duncan Boat Ramp
2111 Lyons Bend Rd Knoxville, TN

M4 Boat Ramp
4800-4898 Airport Hwy Louisville, TN

Icking Boat Ramp
Flenniken Branch Knoxville, TN

Maxey Boat Ramp
3528-3542 Ginn Dr Knoxville, TN