Snake River Fishing

Those looking to catch warmwater fish will enjoy fishing at Snake River. Here you can catch channel catfish, crappie, and smallmouth bass. Some of the best summer steelhead fishing in the state can be found in the portion of the river that flows through the Hells Canyon Wilderness. This area is also home to a large population of rainbow trout that grow as large as 20 inches. You can find these large trout near the Hells Canyon Dam and around the entrances to the tributaries. You’ll also find smallmouth bass, channel catfish, trout, salmon, and sturgeon in the Hells Canyon Wilderness section of Snake River. The sturgeons can grow very large here but must be released if caught. Head out from November through February for the best steelhead fishing. And in spring, try fishing in the area between the dam and Dug Bar where the Chinook are most active.

Snake River Fish: