Jordan Lake Fishing

Jordan lake is a 14,000-acre “trophy” fishery located 17 miles due west of Raleigh, North Carolina. Thelake gets up to 38 feet deep in some areas, but the average depth is around 14 feet. The lake’s ample vegetation supports a large population of fish species, including bass, channel catfish, blue catfish, crappie, striped bass, perch, as well as a variety of sunfish.

Jordan Lake is known for its behemoth bass with the largest on record weighing in at more than 14 pounds. Anglers can fish from over 180 miles of shoreline, or jump in a boat, kayak, or canoe to enjoy a day of fishing on the water. There are plenty of public boat ramps where you can launch a boat, and if you don’t have your own boat, there are several boat rentals in the area.

Jordan Lake offers fishing opportunities for the beginner to the seasoned angler. The lake has an active stocking program for striped bass, and fish attractors (underwater structures) are set up throughout the lake to provide an ideal habitat for game fish and anglers.

Top Fishing Spots

You’ll find productive fishing throughout Jordan Lake, but there are a few spots that tend to yield consistent catch rates.

  • Little Beaver Creek. Fish the stretch of standing timber at the mouth of Little Beaver Creek during prespawn for some serious bass action.
  • US 64 Causeway. This three quarter mile stretch is one of the most productive bass fishing structures on the lake. Fish along the rip rap rock—especially on cooler days. The sun heats the rocks and attracts baitfish, which in turn draws in the bass.
  • Ebenezer Church Bridge. During the spring the rip rap along the bridge can produce some real lunkers—especially when the wind is blowing from the north. Fish a spinnerbait parallel to the rip rap a couple feet from the rocks.
  • Haw River Arm. Where the Haw River meets the main lake offers some great spring bass fishing on either side of an island. Target the grassed shallows. When water is high, flip a jig. When water is lower, try a spinnerbait. The water here is relatively clear.
  • Robeson Creek. Hotspot of bass activity. Always plenty of big bass. Fish spinnerbaits and lipless crankbaits.
  • White Oak Creek. Productive location to fish when spawn is in full swing and water is reaching into the willow trees. Target the base of the willows. A jig-and-pig will pull some lunker bass out.
  • Bush Creek. Another bass hotspot for spring fishing. Fish a jig-and-pig at the back of the creek toward end of March. Target the shallow coves along the east shoreline.

Recommended Lures

As a bass fishery, you can’t go wrong with a few standard jerkbaits, spinnerbaits and crankbaits, but here are few bass lures the locals swear by.

  • Lipless crankbait
  • Shallow running crankbaits
  • Shad Rap
  • Jig-and-pig
  • Plastic worms
  • Sweet Beaver 5/16ox soft plastic creature bait
  • 3/8oz gold Hawg Caller
  • Double-willowleaf spinnerbaits
  • Googan Baits vibrating jig
  • Livingston Shredder
  • green pumpkin Zman Turbo Crawz

Many anglers report their go-to presentations for bass fishing are the Texas rig or Carolina rig. To find lures and baits for other species found in Jordan Lake, refer to our lures and baits guide

Jordan Lake Fish Species

Although Jordan Lake is predominently a bass fishery, there are seven main species of game fish that bring anglers to the lake: largemouth bass, stripers, hybrid bass, crappie, bream, catfish, and white perch. The following are fishing species you may encounter when you wet your line at Jordan Lake.

Jordan Lake Boat Ramps

The following boat ramps provide access to Jordan Lake.

Jordan Lake/ Vista Point Boat Ramp
2318-3298 N Pea Ridge Rd Pittsboro, NC

Jordan Lake/Farrington Point Boat Ramp
Farrington, NC

Jordan Lake/Parkers Creek Boat Ramp
Jordan Lake State Recreation Area Pittsboro, NC

Crosswinds Marina Boat Ramp
565 Farrington Rd Apex, NC 919-362-5391