Mullett Lake Fishing

The northern tip of Michigan’s lower peninsula is home to a fishing area known as Mullett Lake. Located in the town of Mullett, this lake covers 17,300 acres and is surrounded by 28 miles of shoreline. Although anglers of all skill levels come here to enjoy fishing, the lake is perfect for those just learning the ropes. The lake offers plenty of fishing opportunities, whether fishing from shore or boat. You can expect to find several species here, including walleye, bass, perch, trout, sunfish, northern pike, sturgeon, and muskie. The lake’s multi-season fishing attracts anglers throughout the year. In the winter, Mullett Lake offers superb ice fishing. Shore fishing is available all around the lake and is easily accessible from the many campgrounds, parks, and public access points. There are several public boat ramps for those needing to launch a boat, canoe, or kayak. Those with smaller watercraft should be mindful of the weather conditions as they can become dangerous.

Mullett Lake Fish:

Mullett Lake boat ramps:

The following boat ramps provide access to Mullett Lake.

Aloha State Park Boat Ramp
Mullett, MI

Murphy Lake -N #1 Boat Ramp
3801-4101 Boy Scout Rd Indian River, MI

Mullett Lake -E Boat Ramp
Park Rd Cheboygan, MI

Mullett Lake -N #2 Boat Ramp
6000-7388 Mullett Lake Rd Cheboygan, MI

Mullett Lake Marina Boat Ramp
7474-7500 Mullett Lake Rd Cheboygan, MI 2316279164