Spy Pond Fishing

Just north of Arlington’s Route 2 is a nice fishing spot known as Spy Pond. This natural 103-acre pond features Largemouth Bass (which are large-sized and plentiful,) Perch, and Tiger Muskie (which are popular, especially with winter ice fishing.) Most of the surrounding shore is private land. Shore access (for shore fishing) is limited to Arlington’s Spy Pond Field (recreational land), located on the northeast portion of the pond. Parking is available here; however, there isn’t a boat ramp. A few access points allow the portage of canoes and kayaks. Fishing opportunities may prove to be better by canoe or kayak.

Spy Pond Fish:

Spy Pond boat ramps:

The following boat ramps provide access to Spy Pond.

Spy Pond Boat Launch Boat Ramp
46 Pond Ln, Arlington, MA 02474