Lake Clinton Fishing

Just east of Clinton in east-central Illinois, is Lake Clinton – a great spot for anglers who want to try their hand at game fishing. The 4,900-acre lake offers a few favored species for anglers to target. Here you’ll find a good number of bass (including white bass), hybrid stripers, and walleye, as well as other various species. Although the lake has more than 125 miles of shoreline, it can be difficult to find an access point to fish from the shore. Your best bet is to use the nearby boat ramps. You can access various fishing areas by canoe, kayak, or boat, all of which can be launched at one of the several boat ramps.

Lake Clinton Fish:

Lake Clinton boat ramps:

The following boat ramps provide access to Lake Clinton.

Lake Clinton Boat Ramp
670 N Clinton, IL

Masculine Boat Ramp
Clinton Lake Dewitt Il, IL

Clinton Lake, State Recreation Area Boat Ramp
Harp Clinton, IL

Clinton Lake Marina Boat Ramp

Illinois Boat Access Maintenance Project Boat Ramp