Warm River Fishing

Fly fishing opportunities are plentiful along the Warm River. The river gets its name because of the warm springs that supply the river with water. The upper portion of the river is hard to access, as parts of it wind through canyons. You’ll need to hike to get to these areas. You can increase your chances of a catch by using available insects nearby. Not only is the supply good, but it also matches what the fish are accustomed to eating.

Popular game fish on Warm River are brown trout, brook trout, rainbow trout and mountain whitefish. Local anglers say that the further you can walk away from the road, the more of the Warm River you’ll have to yourself. Though the trout and whitefish are always present, September and October are excellent months to visit. Come before any killing frosts have occurred, so you can take advantage of all the hatches, like caddisflies and BWOs.

Bring a camera with you, because top water fishing produces great results. For a good chance at catching any of the trout species, use hopper patterns, BWO and caddis life cycle patterns, and traditional attractor patterns, and a four or five weight system on a 9-foot rod, and a 9-foot leader of 3X or 4X tippet. Brown trout and rainbow trout range up to 18 inches and will provide you with an exciting catch in the riffles and runs. 

Warm River Fish: