Henrys Lake Fishing

Known throughout the world for its trophy-sized trout, Henry’s Lake is a true fishing haven. Here you can catch Yellowstone cutthroat, brook trout, and a hybrid of Yellowstone cutthroat and rainbow trout. The lake is a beautiful place to visit year-round. In the winter, Henrys Lake features ice fishing. For access to the ice, you’ll need the appropriate gear – though some anglers ice fish with very little equipment. Some people track out onto the ice by foot, while others use snowmobiles by entering through the lake’s public access areas.

Due to the abundance of vegetation found in Henrys Lake, aquatic insects are plentiful. The best way to catch trout on Henry’s Lake is to use flies and bait that resemble native insect species.

One of the most popular methods for fishing Lake Henrys is trolling. Trolling is particularly effective during early summer while vegetation is still young and not fully grown. However, by mid-summer the same vegetation that supports abundant insects and larvae populations grows thick, making trolling more challenging. Popular trolling lures include Panther Martin spinners, spoons, small plugs, and gangtrolls trailing worms.

Henrys Lake has 25 miles of shoreline, multiple locations for fishing from the bank, and several boat ramps, as well as portage for canoes and kayaks.

Fishing is permitted on Henrys Lake from late May to October. Henrys Lake has a restricted bag limit: after two fish are harvested, anglers are required to stop fishing for the day.

Excellent stream fishing can also be found on nearby Henrys Fork, Madison, and Gallatin Rivers.

Henrys Lake Fish: