Ossabaw Island Inlet Fishing

Ossabaw Island offers great inshore and offshore fishing, thanks to its reefs, wrecks, and miscellaneous submerged structures. Offshore anglers can try to land red drum, striped bass, flounder, and spotted sea trout, while inshore fishermen can pursue white grunt, sea bass, red snapper, and sheepshead—among many other species.

Ossabaw is well known for its trout fishing, which includes seatrout and spotted trout, but it’s also a great spot to find migrating tarpon from July through Labor Day. Both inshore and offshore anglers use small hooks and live shrimp, a favorite choice of local anglers. If you can’t get any live shrimp, try using mud minnows or other cut fish bait. The Ossabaw anglers have particularly good luck using the purple back fiddler.

The White Grunt and the Sea Bass swim near the bottom where the water reaches about 55 feet deep near the artificial reefs. They tend to swim near debris, wrecks, and reefs. Ossabaw has an unusually warm winter which will encourage the winter-season anglers. Springtime always welcomes anglers hoping to find a good spawn around Ossabaw. 

Ossabaw Island Inlet Fish:

Ossabaw Island Inlet boat ramps:

The following boat ramps provide access to Ossabaw Island Inlet.

Kilkenny Marina Boat Ramp
3083 Kilkenny Rd Richmond Hill, GA 912-727-2215