White Clay Creek Fishing

If trout are your fish of choice, head to White Clay Creek where you can find both the rainbow and brown varieties. You won’t find a better stocked fishing location in the entire state of Delaware. You’ll want to plan your fishing trip sometime between the first Saturday in April and June 30 or between the first Saturday in October through November 30th – these mark the official times of the trout fishing season. Also note that the creek is closed to all fishing for the two weeks prior to trout season’s opening day.

A Delaware fishing license and trout stamp are required unless you meet one of the exemptions listed on the Delaware.gov website. Permitted fishing hour on White Clay Creek are one-half hour before sunrise to one half-hour after sunset

Fishing from shore and fly-fishing are both permitted at White Clay Creek. There is also an accessible dock. The fly-fishing area is north of Chambers Rock Bridge all the way to the Pennsylvania border. Largemouth bass are catch and release. Nearby Smith Mill Pond offers bluegill fishing.

Catch the well-stocked rainbow and brown trout using artificial flies and small spinners with worms, minnows, corn, marshmallows, or synthetic bait. The daily catch limit is 6 trout unless you are in fly-fishing waters, then the daily limit is 4. The trout range in size from 9 to 26 inches. You are encouraged to keep any trout you catch as they don’t survive the summers well and have poor reproduction chances.

White Clay Creek Fish: