Moores Lake Fishing

You can catch many desirable species of fish at Moores Lake. The most popular examples include largemouth bass, channel catfish and striped bass. However, you can also catch black crappie, bluegill, pumpkinseed sunfish, white perch and yellow perch. Located near Dover in the middle of Delaware, Moores Lake offers 27 acres of fishing. However, since most of its two miles of shoreline are considered private property, you’ll be limited in the amount of shore you can use to fish. Stick to the area on the Eastern part of the lake between the dam and the boat launch ramp. If you want to boat fish on the lake, you can launch canoes, car-toppers, kayaks and small boats from the boat ramp.

Moores Lake has historically been a great place to catch carp and bullhead catfish using dough balls or worms. Head to the deep area immediately above the dam in the spring or fall to catch bass, crappie, and white perch. There is a good chance of catching 12–15-inch bass in Moores Lake.

On the upstream end of the lake in the weedy backwater regions anglers will find pickerel are plentify Use minnows, small jigs, spinners, or cut bait to target yellow perch in the open waters. Cast your line into aquatic vegetation on warm summer days to catch pumpkinseed sunfish. Use light tackle, small hooks, worms, insects, and cut bait on your line. If you are looking for bluegill, fish in murky areas with no current.

River herring use the fish ladder from March 15th to May 30th to head to their spawning locations. Stay at least ten feet away from the entrance or exit of the fish ladder, and definitely do not remove any fish from the ladder.

Moores Lake Fish:

Moores Lake boat ramps:

The following boat ramps provide access to Moores Lake.

Moores Lake Boat Ramp
33 S Shore Dr Dover, DE