Broadkill Beach Fishing

Just north of Lewes, you’ll find a great fishing location known as Broadkill Beach. Here you can fish for striped bass, bluefish and black drum. But be warned, you’ll have to dodge quite a bit of flies before you get a bite. Your best bet for fishing baits include bloodworms, bunker, mullet and clams. If you’re after the bluefish, you’ll want to try spoons and bucktails. Make sure you bring a bunch of grubs to use with the bucktails because the bluefish like to tear them up.

Peak times for fishing at Broadkill Beach are very early morning before sunrise, and early afternoon. To catch tog (black drum), find ocean structure or go to the Outer Wall and cast your line baited with crab and sand fleas. It can be a challenge fishing Broadkill Beach due to the weather, but the lure of a larger black drum makes it worth it. Black drum are also caught during night fishing with clams on bottom rigs. The daily limit for black drum is 3, and they must be 16 inches or longer.

The summer flounder is another popular fish caught in the waters along Broadkill Beach in the spring, summer, and fall. They feed on small fish, squid, marine worms, and shrimp. Bucktails and spoons are often used to target flounder along with drifting minnows and squid strips on bottom rigs. The daily limit for summer flounder is 4, and they must be 16.5 inches or longer. Typically, sizes caught are 14-20 inches long.

Broadkill Beach Fish:

Broadkill Beach boat ramps:

The following boat ramps provide access to Broadkill Beach.

Lewes Boat Yard Boat Ramp
661-757 Road 267 Lewes, DE

Quinebaug Pond Boat Launch Boat Ramp
Lewes, DE

City of Lewes Canalfront Park Marina and City Dock Boat Ramp
211 Front St Lewes, DE 302-644-1869

Boat Hole Marina Boat Ramp
183 2nd St Lewes, DE