Becks Pond Fishing

Known for its amazing fishing, Beck’s Pond is one of the most popular locations in Delaware. The most prevalent types of fish you can catch here are largemouth bass, bluegill and snakehead. However, you can also find pumpkinseed, yellow perch, gizzard shad, American eel, brown bullhead, creek chubsucker, golden shiner and northern snakehead. For the best chances of catching a fish, head to the brush piles or fish attractors that have been positioned in four different locations at the pond. These attractors offer great fishing and are easily accessed from the shore.

Becks Pond has a few distinct fishing areas. These include the northwestern shore, in the main pond area where Belltown Run flows, and the spatterdock beds in the large cove associated with Salem Run, where largemouth bass are abundant. The daily limit for largemouth bass is two fish, which must be 15-inches or longer.

There are several other game species of fish found in Becks Pond. The brown bullhead stay near the bottom of the deeper areas, so little is known about these fish. White perch caught are typically 7-to-9-inches in length. Black crappie caught are generally 8 inches or longer, but they are a rarer catch. Bluegill is also prevalent and catching one that is 6- to 8-inches long is common. Becks Pond also has the invasive Northern Snakehead species. If you happen to catch one, do not release it and report the catch to the Division of Wildlife.

Algae growth might make this pond a bit tricky to maneuver in the fall, but algae along with the invasive spatterdock provide excellent cover for fish to hide, so fishing these areas is worth the effort.

Becks Pond Fish: