3R’s Beach Fishing

Part of Delaware State Park, 3R’s Beach offers some great surf fishing. Located on the ocean just South of the Indian River Inlet Bridge, this park offers the potential to catch bluefish, flounder, king fish, spot, croaker, stripers, skate, spiny dogfish, rays and sometimes even mackerel. This is also a great place to come if you need to stock up on baitfish, such as bunker, mullet and bullhead minnows. Bring a cast net and load up on these baitfish so you can better tempt the sportfish you’re really after. And don’t worry if you don’t have a Delaware surf fishing vehicle tag – 3 R’s offers ample parking for those without one.

Head down Route 1 to sandy beaches and fantastic surf fishing. There are four beaches in the Delaware State Park, covering 6 miles of coastline. 3R’s Beach is at the southern end of the park. To drive on the actual beach, you’ll need a 4-wheel drive with a clearance of 7 inches and a surf vehicle permit. Lower the air in your tires and access the beach through the parking lot. Without the permit and proper vehicle, you’ll need to park in the lot and walk to the beach.

Because of a quick drop-off and great currents, 3R’s Beach is a great place to catch striper in the spring and summer months. The current Delaware state record is a 52-pound striper caught at this exact location. Summer and fall bring other varieties of fish closer to shore. Take a look around and see where the birds are diving, then cast your surf pole into the water.

Use at least an 8–12-foot surf pole and 15–20-pound test line with bait from the local menu. Game fish love to eat bunker, mullet, and bullhead minnows, and a cast net can be used to gather this bait at 3R’s Beach.

3R’s Beach Fish:

3R’s Beach boat ramps:

The following boat ramps provide access to 3R’s Beach.

South Shore Marina Boat Ramp
RR 1 Box Bethany Beach, DE 302-539-7384