Quinnipiac River Fishing

Anglers enjoy fishing the Quinnipiac River because it contains many different species of fish. You can find striped bass, bluefish, and brown trout up and down the river. Keep your eye out for shad and river herring as they travel the river on their migratory route. Quinnipiac River contains several prime fishing areas, including New Haven, North Haven, and Meriden. You’ll find largemouth bass in Hanover Pond and just north of the pedestrian trail’s red bridge. Trout are stocked here annually from the red bridge to Carpenter’s Dan and the Gorge at Meriden. You’ll find an abundance of carp south of Hanover Dam, and you can catch stripers and white perch in the North Haven area. You can find bluefish in the tidal water up near New Haven Harbor.

Fishing regulations change throughout the year, so check local rules before heading out to the Quinnipiac River. There are different bag limits and size restrictions for fish caught in the Quinnipiac River. Only one striped bass may be taken using a bass hook or circle hook, and it must be between 28 and 35 inches long. Bass under 28 inches or over 35 inches need to be released.

The bag limit for largemouth bass and smallmouth bass is 6 total, and they must be at least 12 inches long. On the Quinnipiac River largemouth bass can fished during the summer as well as the winter. The bag limit for bluefish is 3, and there is no size limit. If you are on a charter vessel, the bluefish limit is 5.

Anglers can fish white perch and carp year-round. White perch has a bag limit of 30 fish at least 7 inches in length each. Carp has a bag limit of 5, and only one fish can be over 30 inches long. Carp can be caught by a variety of methods, so check with local officials to see which is permitted.

Quinnipiac River Fish:

Quinnipiac River boat ramps:

The following boat ramps provide access to Quinnipiac River.

Waucoma Yacht Club Boat Ramp
281 Front St East Haven, CT

Quinnipiac River Marina Boat Ramp
309 Front St New Haven, CT 203-777-3625

Fair Haven Marina Boat Ramp
278-332 Front St East Haven, CT 2037770523