Yampa River Fishing

Fly-fishing enthusiasts can land rainbow trout in Yampa River, one of the state’s premier streams. In the upper area of the stream, you’ll find several species of cold-water fish. Downstream, you’ll find the warm-water fish. The stretch between the cold and warm waters is the best place to find trout and pike. Western fly-fishing is at its best on the Yampa River.

Fishing is restricted to flies and lures only, and there is a strict catch and release restriction for trout caught along the town section of Yampa River. There is a daily bag limit of four fish for rainbow, cutthroat, and brown trout, with a possession limit of 8. The possession and bag limit for brook trout is 10 fish.

The Yampa is a popular fishing destination, and it’s important to respect other anglers and the catch limits to help preserve the trout population. Make sure you stick to the marked trails to reduce riverbank and plant erosion. The best time to fish the Yampa is from late spring to summer.

Small nymphs and shrimp are ideal flies for this fishing location. Try dead drifting leeches or small streamers for fast, deep waters to attract large trout. It’s best to switch to smaller flies and tippets as you move further away from the faster-flowing areas near the dam. Using scuds, Baetis, caddis, and green, red, and black midges should attract trout throughout the season.

During the summer months, you’re likely to find large pockets of fish hiding around protective structures in the water like coves and rocks. Dry flies work well in these areas, including drake, Trico, and mayfly imitations.

Yampa River Fish:

Yampa River boat ramps:

The following boat ramps provide access to Yampa River.

Yampa River State Park Boat Ramp
Dinosaur, CO