Spinney Mountain Reservoir Fishing

You can find world-class, gold-metal trout fishing at Spinney Mountain Reservoir. This area has a famous international following because of the trophy-sized fish caught here (rainbow trout, northern pike, cutthroat, and brown trout). Though anglers catch many of these fish throughout the summer, the trophy-sized trout amazingly continue to renew in population. Several annual fishing tournaments are held here.

Spinney Mountain Reservoir is over 2500 surface acres in size, and there is ample choice for fishing spots along the shoreline. There are some marshy sections where wearing waders will be helpful. It can get windy around the reservoir – take a spare spinning rod and avoid using floats. There is a two trout limit, and you can only take one of 20” or longer. There are no limits on Pike and Yellow Perch.

During winter, the reservoir is closed, and fishing is prohibited near the dam. There is no fishing allowed from sunset to sunrise. There is an entrance fee to access the reservoir, as it lies within the Spinney Mountain State Park. Boats are allowed on the water, and there are boat launches all along the shore. There are campsites in the nearby Eleven Mile Reservoir State Park and Pike National Forest.

To get to the park, take Highway 24 from Colorado Springs for about 55 miles, then turn left on San Juan street (CO road #23) after Wilkerson Pass. Turn right on CO road 59 and follow the road for about 1 mile until you reach the Spinney Mountain access road.

The best flies to use in the reservoir during spring are scuds, leeches, and chironomids (#10-20). For summer fishing, you can also use callibaetis and damsels. Callibaetis is uncommon during autumn. Small nymphs, streamers, and dry flies with a floating or a sink tip line have also proven effective.

Spinney Mountain Reservoir Fish:

Spinney Mountain Reservoir boat ramps:

The following boat ramps provide access to Spinney Mountain Reservoir.

Spinney Mountain Reservoir at Spinney Mountain State Park Boat Ramp
Spinney Mountain State Park Hartsel, CO