Clear Lake Fishing

Clear Lake is a popular location for bass fishing due to its warm, shallow waters, which these fish love. Many bass tournaments and fishing competitions are held here because there’s always a high chance of catching something. Clear Lake is considered by many as the leading bass-fishing destination in the United States. You can find an abundance of other species of fish here as well, such as bluegill, catfish, crappie, and carp.

The best areas at Clear Lake to catch bass are along the shoreline in the tules and near vegetation. During the summer, bass retreat to the shade under docks to seek protection from the heat.

There are several popular fishing spots at Clear Lake. One of the most popular is the Lakeport area around Berger Bay. If you don’t have any luck at Lakeport, check out Kelsey Creek, Point Lakeview, Baylis Point, Jago Bay and Luebow Point—all top fishing locations. Other popular fishing spots include Redbud Park, Library Park, Lakeside County Park, Horseshoe Bend, and Rodman Slough near the bridge.

You can also catch fish at most public access areas around the lake. As long as there aren’t people swimming nearby, you stand a pretty good chance of getting a bite.

The most popular baits and lures for bass fishing at Clear Lake include jerkbaits, rattle baits, plastic worms, spinnerbait, rip baits, drop-shot worms, minnows, and frogs. When fishing for Crappie, minnows and meal worms are recommended. Catfish love crayfish, worms, minnows, cut bait, and shrimp. If you’re fishing for Bluegill, stick with worms.

Clear Lake Fish:

Clear Lake boat ramps:

The following boat ramps provide access to Clear Lake.

Clear Lake State Park Boat Ramp
5300 Soda Bay Rd Lakeport, CA

Lakeshore Boat & Dry Storage Boat Ramp
28 Lafferty Rd Lakeport, CA

Nice Holiday Harbor Boat Ramp
3605 Lakeshore Blvd.Nice, CA 7072741136

Tally’s Family Resort Boat Ramp
4581-4631 Frontage Rd Lakeport, CA

H.V. Keeling County Park Boat Ramp
6215 E Hwy 20 Lucerne, CA

Braito’s Buckingham Marina Boat Ramp
1401-1555 E Lake Dr Kelseyville, CA

Sea Breeze Resort Boat Ramp
9595 Harbor Drive Glenhaven, CA 707-998-3327

Richmond Park Boat Ramp
8560 Soda Bay Rd Kelseyville, CA

Reel In Resort Boat Ramp
9495 Konocti Bay Road Kelseyville, CA 707-277-7276

Jules Resort Boat Ramp
14195 Lakeshore Dr Clearlake, CA

Garner’s Resort Boat Ramp
Lakeview Way Clearlake, CA

Lotowana Village Boat Ramp
14825 Clement Dr Clearlake, CA