Castaic Lake Fishing

Anglers from far and wide consider Castaic Lake a great fishing destination because of its trophy-sized largemouth bass. The best time to land one of these trophy fish is in March. Anglers of various skill levels can try their hand at catching one of the lake’s many varieties of fish, including striped bass, rainbow trout, crappie, and catfish. The lagoon at Castaic Lake offers a plentiful supply of trout and largemouth bass. The east side of the lagoon is designated for those who fish from the shore. Catfish are a night-fishing favorite in the lagoon (where it’s allowed). Anglers fishing for bass have their “sweet spots” on the lake, which include C-Point, Suicide Point, Sharon’s Rest, and Government Cove. Many fishermen catch stripers around Kong Island, C-Point, and up in Elizabeth Lake Canyon.

When fishing Castaic Lake there are a few rules and regulations that anglers need to be aware of. Fishing is not allowed from the docks or near the boat launch ramps. Anglers can fish from the dam but only within designated areas. For largemouth bass the catch limit is 5 fish and the minimum size for largemouth bass is 15 inches. For striped bass, bullhead and channel catfish, the catch limit is 10 fish per day. There is no size restriction. If you’re coming to Castaic Lake to catch sunfish or crappie, you’ll be happy to know the catch limit for both fish is 25—with no size restriction. For rainbow trout, the catch limit is 5 fish per day—with no size restriction.

The following are tips anglers can use to improve their catch rate and overall fishing experience at Castaic Lake. Fish from designated areas near the dam where nutrients are abundant and fish forage. When fishing for Striped bass, use lures that resemble small trout. On sunny days fish near shady areas where fish tend to congregate. On colder days fish in areas where it is sunny and the water is deeper. You’ll generally find most fish around docks, rocks, submerged brush and other areas where there is ample cover. Fish near drop-offs and you’re sure to get a bite. Both Stripers and Largemouth bass respond to lures resembling small trout or shad. When bass fishing on warmer days, fish in deeper water. When fish just aren’t biting, try using sardines, anchovies, or frozen shad for bait. During the spring and fall, stick to the shallow coves. Finally, during the summer and winter, fish in deeper waters.

Castaic Lake is located 45 miles north of Los Angeles just off of I-5 on Lake Hughes Rd. The lake is open to the public 24-hours a day, year-round. It has two well maintained boat ramps for anglers who prefer to fish from boat. Electric-powered boats are allowed on the lower lake only.

Castaic Lake Fish:

Castaic Lake boat ramps:

The following boat ramps provide access to Castaic Lake.

Castaic Lake State Recreation Area Boat Ramp
Castaic Dam Heliport Castaic, CA

Castaic Lake BIS Center Boat Ramp
Lake Hughes Rd Castaic, CA