Woods Canyon Lake Fishing

The Arizona Game and Fish Department stocks Woods Canyon Lake with rainbow trout and brown trout, making for some truly great fishing. You’ll also find bluegill here, which are fun fish for kids to catch, though most people come for the trout. With well-maintained camping grounds, beautiful views and a convenient general store, this is an especially great location for a family fishing trip

Park your RV or camper in one of the four campgrounds at Wood’s Canyon Lake. One of these campgrounds is within walking distance, and the others are a short drive to the water’s edge. The cool mountain air is refreshing at 7500 feet above sea level, and the waters are clear. Boats are allowed, but make sure they are paddle or electric motor. The daily bag limit is six trout and unlimited bass and catfish with an Arizona fishing license.

Anglers who fish from the shoreline use bait and spin fishing techniques. The best bait for this lake are PowerBait, worms, corn, and salmon eggs. Recommended lures are spinners, small spoons, and trout magnets. Set your kids up with rods, reels, and small pieces of worms to catch countless green sunfish or crayfish that are found near the shoreline.

Fly fishing spots must be chosen carefully as many trees are near the shore. Float tubes are often used to get to the middle of the lake. The anglers use bead heads and wooly buggers as bait. Dry fly fishing is used to catch trout.

Woods Canyon Lake Fish:

Woods Canyon Lake boat ramps:

The following boat ramps provide access to Woods Canyon Lake.

Woods Canyon Lake Boat Ramp
Sedona, AZ