Dead Horse Lake Fishing

If you’re looking for great fishing, Dead Horse Ranch State Park is the place you want to go. You’ll find a large variety of sportfish, including rainbow trout, bluegill and largemouth bass in the park’s many lagoons. To help ensure an amazing fishing experience, the Arizona Game and Fish Department supplements the trout and catfish populations each season. With breathtaking scenery and ample fish, you’re sure to have an amazing experience you won’t soon forget.

Wander among the cattail growth at the edge of the lagoons where several fish species like to gather. Fish crankbaits and spinnerbaits with a heavy 12-pound line to entice bass from their hiding spots. The same tactics can be used from the boat docks, but fish docks early as they can get crowded.

Make your way to the Verde River on the park’s south end. Hike from the main park area down trails to the tree-covered area and toss in your line using shallow diving and lipless crankbaits for more bass fishing.

Rainbow trout is on the menu in the fall, winter, and spring. The best baits and lures for catching rainbow trout will depend on the season, but anglers have had luck with in-line spinners, spoons, and small stick baits. You can either fish from shore or head out to the middle of the lagoon in a kayak or canoe.

Early-bird fishing will often net you the Dead Horse Ranch State Park catfish. The best bait for catching catfish in earthworm, hot dog, or “stink” bait on a slip sinker.

Dead Horse Lake Fish:

Dead Horse Lake boat ramps:

The following boat ramps provide access to Dead Horse Lake.