Williwaw Creek

Bear Lake is home to a trophy cutthroat trout fishery where the Idaho State record cutthroat of 19 lbs. was caught. Lake trout also inhabit the lake and may grow to 30 lbs. Trolling and jigging from boats can be done throughout the year (winter and spring months being the most productive).

Head out 45 miles southeast of Anchorage on the Portage Highway to watch the salmon run. There is an accessible boardwalk and platform for viewing from above. There’s also a nature trail that follows the creek for one-half mile. Be aware of the bear when the salmon are seen in large numbers. Make a lot of noise, and if you see fresh salmon remains, steer clear.

Staying at one of the 60 camping sites allows you to spend a leisurely day fishing and hiking along the creek. Wander into Whittier for supplies.

The waters are crystal clear with run-off from the Portage Glacier. Anglers can wander up or down a five-mile trail called the Trail of Blue Ice that connects Portage Lake and Moose Flats Day Use Area. Along the way are creek fishing spots and small ponds. Fly-fishing, baitcasting, and spinning are great methods on Portage Lake and Williwaw Creek.

Williwaw Creek Fish:

Williwaw Creek boat ramps:

The following boat ramps provide access to Williwaw Creek.